Honestly, we grew up on a skateboard. That is why the skateboarding topic was a clear choice for our next experimental project. The production of the whole project took longer than 5 months. We tested new combinations of technologies in close cooperation with Jamcopters. For shooting we used the film camera Blackmagic in 4K resolution. We shot another parallel image with a thermal camera Flir with the same focus. We recorded the sound on six channels, the main character was actually equipped with several microphones. In postproduction it was possible to switch between real picture and the thermal camera. All the microphones helped us to have an incredibly real sound. You can for example hear which foot the skateboarder uses to push himself off.

A classical camera VS thermal camera

originaltermo camera

Click and drag to see before and after diference

A smooth picture was ensured by the stabilised gimbal DJI RONIN in combination with remote control. One of us could therefore follow the main character with a camera and the other one controlled the focal point of the camera by a remote control. Thanks to that we could use lens with longer focus, even a telephoto lens Canon 200mm.

We also attached RONIN to a car hood and we controlled the camera wirelessly at 80 km/h speed.

The images of woods are from the Moravian karst area. For a greater contrast between the two worlds we turned everything into a night image in postproduction. Instead of sunny sky you see stars and Milky Way.

Changing day for night.


Click and drag to see before and after diference

From the technical point of view and in postproduction we had the most work with the final shots of the two worlds. We filmed the town and the woods separately. All the parameters like speed, height, camera angle and light conditions had to be identical so that the shots fit into each other.

The result? INSIGHT got several awards abroad. We won our third Vimeo Staff Pick at the MIMPI festival of extreme sports in Brazil in the category of the best cut. The company DTS (Digital Theater System) from California requested INSIGHT for their new demo disc. They remastered the audio of the whole project into the cinema format DTSx. DTSx is a revolutionary technology which turns sound from common stereo headphones into surround sound. You can thus tell if the sound comes from under or from above. This is exactly what we love – to move boundaries and we achieved that with INSIGHT. There were articles about it all around the world, in Germany, in France, in Great Britain, in Japan, in the USA...


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technical support:

jan minol

camera operator:
jan dojčán

jan minol

sound effects:
marek salamon

radomír geyer

graphic design:
radek mauer

marek kocak

bts camera:
laco korbel

bts foto:
jan fuksa



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