At Christmas in 1930 Brno could finally breathe through. The most modern heating plant in Czechoslovakia was put into operation. First it heated the local textile plants and they could thus get rid of dozens of smoking chimneys. Nowadays the plant provides heat to 60% Brno inhabitants. We had the opportunity to make a video spot for the 85th anniversary of this institution. We filmed it as a nostalgia trip. We used memories of an adult to show how the new heating plant influenced a person’s childhood life.

Most of the spot was filmed from a little child’s point of view. 4 years old Kristian had a camera attached to his head. The camera had wireless image transfer with live broadcast for the director.

The interior is from a craftsmen street in the Technical museum in Brno. The old times atmosphere was created by degrading the image to look like an old film and also by period music. And in the end we prepared a surprising toast. Cheers! To the heating plant!


samadhi production

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teplárny brno

jan minol

ivan urbánek

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