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Samádhi Production offers complete video production. We shoot commercials and short films. Our products have one thing in common – we are obsessed with perfection and a perfect result. We received several international awards for our work. We work on every detail, search for the right rhythm, look from unusual angles and use endless possibilities of computer animation. We use the newest technology and work with proffessionals. We try to tell your story in a breathtaking way.
A good idea is vital. We prepare a detailed script, arrange the whole production, actors‘ auditions and of course the shooting including aerial shots. We work with our own equipment which we also offer for rental. The videos include postproduction, cut, special effects, 2D and 3D animation, sound, voiceover, music, audio mastering and final rendering. Only then everything works in perfect harmony and we hope to have touched perfection.
We are Samádhi Production.





We cherish our clients very much, that is why we put the same effort into all our projects. It doesn’t matter how big your company is or what your budget is. Our goal has always been uniqueness and highest quality.

Here you can find a choice of projects including a glance into the backstage.




Each logo hides a unique story. Everything is carefully analyzed and carried out with surgical precision. This is the only way to express the client’s idea.

Nike SB, IVECO, Jablotron, Walmark,, Red Bull, Masaryk University...



We rent our own camera equipment. Everything we use for shooting is available for your own project.

We are up-to-date. Recording in ultra high definition 4K (UHD) is a standard. We own our own rigs, stabilized gimbals, high speed lens, lots of accessories and a lot more.




Do not hesitate to contact us. In case of serious interest I prefer a telephone call or even better an appointment. However, we will also gladly aswer your e-mail with your enquiry.

You can find us in Brno, near the city centre, in the area of the former factory Zbrojovka.