If we wanted to shoot a science fiction film, the interior of the Prague company Apigenex s.r.o. would be a great stage set. All the high-tech appliances and polished sterile halls are nevertheless real, as well as the researchers in the lab coats. They develop and produce drugs. In our presentation video we tried to transfer the overwhelming impression from the labs to laymen, and also to address professionals in biochemistry. The graphics and chemical formulas in our video are real and show how the company works. As the company Apigenex will use the material to present themselves mostly at trade fairs, everything important has to be told without sound.

"The result was better than our expectations. Samadhi Production acted professionally from the beginning, Jan Minol invented and arranged everything perfectly. We were very successful with the video at trade fairs at home and abroad. We addressed this company because of very good references. We provide research service on the highest level and we expect the same from our suppliers and partners. And we can rely on exactly that with Samadhi Production."

Robin Fučík, Apigenex Exklusive office manager




jan minol

jan minol

jan minol

technical support:
jan dojčán

jan dojčán

vfx, animation:
jan minol

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