AsteraBox CRMX Transmitter Box

The AsteraBox CRMX Transmitter Box from Astera acquires Bluetooth signal from the AsteraApp, then sends RF signals to the battery-powered light. The App lets you create complex colors, effects, and settings that will be remembered by the lights without a constant wireless link.

Create complex programs out of colors, effects, and settings. The lights will remember and repeat these effects without requiring a constant wireless link. Quickly create groups of lights, assign positions, and select which lights should receive commands.

Cena: 3 800 Kč / den bez DPH

Objednat:+420 775 158 261

Další technika

Cena: 600 Kč / den bez DPH
Cena: 3 800 Kč / den bez DPH
Cena: 800 Kč / den bez DPH